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导演: 崔孝元 主演: 千艺瑟,Lee Yoon-soo,Seo Do-hyun,Hwang Myung-hw…

导演: 崔孝元
主演: 千艺瑟,Lee Yoon-soo,Seo Do-hyun,Hwang Myung-hwan,Ahn Sang-eun,Yoon Dae-hee,李海仁,Seong Ha-yoon,Im Dae-hee
类型: 恐怖
制片国家/地区: 韩国
语言: 韩语
上映日期: 2019-09-05(韩国)
片长: 81分钟
又名: 废校(台),Closed School

Yoo-ra suffers from nightmares every night. One day she meets her high school friends. Jin-tae is a promising artist, In-seok is a chaebol and former thug, Hye-jin likes In-seok, and Seong-ho, who used to be In-seok's errand boy, finally meet up. Yoo-ra asks her friends if they remember the classmate that killed herself. Everyone is flustered and claims they don't.
Yoo-ra goes to the bathroom, but passes out after seeing herself in the mirror. Everyone gets in In-seok's car to send Yoo-ra home, but they get into an accident and all become unconscious. When they wake up, they are at a familiar school that's closed. It was the school they went to that has closed down.
Why did they end up there? Yoo-ra and her friends tremble in fear for their lives...


作者: bt250


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